Statement von Kirill Serebrennikov
Talks with filmmakers and experts in Iranian cinema
“When films don’t represent and show the people, people will not wait for films but rather make their own picture.”
“The period before and after the revolution is critical to understanding Iran's current problems.”
Das Suchen in Gang setzen: Gedanken zum Theatertreffen der Jugend 2020
Grußbotschaft zu „The Vacuum Cleaner“
Grußbotschaft zu „Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas“
Einführung zu „Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas“
Grußbotschaft zu „Süßer Vogel Jugend“
Einführung zu „Die Kränkungen der Menschheit“
Grußbotschaft zu „Anatomie eines Suizids“
Grußbotschaft zu „Hamlet“
Einführung zu „Hamlet“
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“I felt like I was riding on this material like a boat and going home.”
“Hong Kong has never been in equilibrium.”
“It’s obvious that they are pointing their guns at our heads.”
Wie die Töne zusammenkommen
A Timely Revival
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