Alex Bodea

By means of interlacing drawing, calligraphy, written and spoken words, Alex Bodea sets up a notation system that documents short lived and rather subtle moments of what we call public life. With roots in graphic facilitation, poetry, storytelling, theatre scripts and satire, her approach looks into how groups and individuals experience a transitory, communal mise en scène such as a bus ride or a gathering. Visual notes, stage direction cards, words cut-outs, all try to pin down the psychology of gestures, the visual spectacle of movement and hierarchy, the subtle influence of architectural setting, the ephemeral, the bizarre and the noise. A compulsive gatherer, Alex Bodea builds up an ever-growing archive with hundreds of carefully catalogued entries. She sometimes shares the archive with those she writes/draws about, over a cup of tea: a good reason for a playful, one-to-one performance.

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