Celebrating the closing party of the Labofii’s workshop “Action-Adventure Game Lab for Climate Justice”, Filastine & Nova present the German debut of “4RRAY”, a live cinematic experience mapped across four screens. “4RRAY” (pronounced foray) blurs the line between a music performance and live cinema, exploring borders, architecture, the urban ecosystem through timelapses and hypnotizing graphics cut with dirty glitches in tight percussive sync with music. All contents are hand crafted by Filastine in collaboration with visuals partner Videocratz, and controlled live using bespoke software developed by the artist. In a video interview, Grey Filastine talks about creating “4RRAY”, cooperating with the Labofii and inventing a “post-crash currency” for a time after the Revolution.

On the night of 2 July, 2015 at 23:00 the Labofii invite the workshop participants, partners and friends to a concert by Filastine & Nova. It will be followed by a closing party. Entrance is free.