Wadada Leo Smith at Jazzfest Berlin 2016. (c) Camille Blake

The USA is a nation of a very divided people whose history has nearly always, with a few exceptions, been about the unity of white power.

The fact that the Clintons forced the bright young minded members of „their“ party not to run for the presidency is one of the largest reasons they never had a chance to win.

Plus, the historical facts show that only twice has the country given a third term to the party in office.

Clinton and Trump are too old to run a conflicted and confused nation.

I believe that the good people in our nation will survive this poor choice.

Today I pray for a multi-parties-system to develop so that we as a people can recondition the ideas of democracy.

Maybe a true democracy.



Wadada Leo Smith, born in Leland, Mississipi in 1941, is one of the most distinguished trumpeters, composers and bandleaders of the U.S. With his Great Lakes Quartet he was performing at Jazzfest Berlin 2016.